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are we supposed to be shocked

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b-bomb needs to calm down

The parent-line’s reaction to a snake :) guys you two are the hyungs.

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have you ever realised that sleeping is just your eyes staring at your eyelids all night long

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thanks elevators for bringing me up when i was down

jongup is that you

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tabi being a cute little shit as he says “i miss you”

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Jonghyun and Key ride in on their tiny cars, but someone gets a little impatient! + dang dang!

【Trans】BOICE Magazine 1 CNBLUE manager’s interview


BOICE Magazine 1 CNBLUE manager’s interview.

Q. This is your second time to appear on BOICE magazine. It’s been a while so please say hello to all BOICE JAPAN.

A. Now CNBLUE has become a band to go on world tour and are widening their fields. Since all of you are supporting and warmly watching over them, they feel like you are a family to them. Please continue to support them.

Q. The fan meeting event is coming soon….

A. As it has been a while since our last fan meeting event, we’re planning something really like CNBLUE and want it to be like a reunion of a family. Please look forward to it.

Q. Who’s the most fashionable/stylish member of CNBLUE?

A. JS is. Since he’s interested in fashion, he’s always looking out for fancy items. He’s the first to have such stuff.

Q. Who lives life at his own pace the most?

A. YH is, in a good sense. He keeps his daily rhythm.
His daily schedules are fixed. As for meals or workout, he calmly does it. I guess you could say he’s stoical.

What are the members of CNBLUE like in their personal (ordinary) life?
Once again we interviewed CNBLUE’s Japanese manager B.
By asking the manager who’s close to them, lets take an upclose and personal look at CNBLUE.

Q. “Truth” has been released now. Were you taking part in making it?

A. They were composing songs or imaging them during their world tour or while traveling so I really didn’t get the chance to this time.

Q. Who eats the most among the four?

A. JS. He eats like a goat. Whether they’re out on a tour or working, he never skips a meal.

Q. Who’s the most scruffy (untidy, sloppy, messy) person?

A. Not “scruffy” but I guess “manly”(manlike, masuculine) is JH. Like at a hotel room, it’s obvious. You can tell “JH was here.”

Q. Who’s the most mischievous (elfin, arch, kidder)?

A. A bit unexpected but maybe MH. He’s usually calm but he makes funny faces and cracks jokes from time to time. Such funny side he sometimes shows us is too charming.

Q. If you were to fit the members of CNBLUE as your family, what would it be like?

A. JS would be my younger brother. YH, my father. MH would be my wife because he is well organized.
He’s good at cleaning up, making arrangements and is very thorough. He reminds me of things I forget and is supportive.
JH would be my twin brother. Since he’s good at Japanese, he keeps me updated about the members and I exchange information with him the most.


Trans by: Aki@CNBMinhyuk || Please take out with full credits.

Our big dorks rehearsing for the +α Concert.

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